Aquatic treatments were born in the 1980s. The two pioneering forms are:

• WATSU®: Watershiatsu

• WATA: Waterdance (Wassertanzen)

These treatments, thanks to water, the original element of life, make it possible to:

reduce mental and physical stress

release physical, emotional and psychological blockages and tensions

• (re)activate the forces of life and self-healing

The touch by massage, the mobilization of the joints and the movements in the pleasantly temperate water (35°) allow to live three-dimensional experiences, in conditions of weightlessness and similar to the prenatal phase of life. It is thus possible to dive into deep states of relaxation revealing the peaceful and indivisible presence of the human being. It is a holistic therapeutic approach that aims to support human health and well-being, rather than focusing on what produces disease.

This Aquatic training is certified. It is recognized by WABA (Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association) and IAKA (Institut für Aquatische Körperarbeit: Institute for Aquatic Bodywork).

The knowledge acquired can be applied in different areas:

• welfare

• prevention

• support method in other therapeutic and paramedical professions

In addition to professional training, our varied seminar offer can also be used for personal development. The self-experiential seminars as well as the experience of deep relaxation are, according to our conception, part of the learning of the methods in the same way as the methods themselves.

Our training courses are aimed at:

• All people who seek physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual health and integrity.

• Students who wish to become professional therapists and/or teachers in aquatic care  and aquatic bodywork (WATSU and WATA).

WATA considers the human being as a whole. The fundamental approach of this work is empathy, esteem and respect for others, and the absence of judgment, regardless of their life course, or their cultural, religious and social origin. Aquatic treatments activate vitality and human potential, as well as self-healing forces. The health, well-being and quality of life of our students and future clients are a top priority for us.