Certification Path

Therapeutic work in hot water: why a holistic and integral approach?


Holistic and integral means that we address the whole person physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. In our WATA trainings, we work with the four elements (Earth, Water, Air and Fire). Different exercises in the room are used to encourage students to connect with all elements, both externally and internally.

We wish to address the 4 levels of our being:

  • The earth, for the body
  • Water, for emotions
  • The air, for the spirit
  • Fire for energy

If at first glance, it may seem surprising to grant so much importance to the four elements in treatments in the water, it is our experience acquired over the years of teaching that invites us to consciously include the other three elements in our work. They make it possible to counterbalance and re-harmonize the qualities of dissolution and fusion of the practice in hot water. Spending several hours a day in the water, combined with learning lots of new subjects, can cause an overflow of emotions and trigger childhood traumas. The excess of an element can lead to an imbalance.

For these reasons, our WATA trainings take place approximately 60% in water and 40% on land (in a carefully prepared room or outdoors). The exercises we do on land always refer to work in the water.


Various seminars complement aquatic training and are required for certification. They make it possible to meet the needs of clients in a competent and professional manner as a practitioner. Most EARTH modules can be taken with the AFA (Aquatic Flow Academy). It is also possible to take appropriate courses (naturopathic or shiatsu schools, etc.). If you have already taken certain courses, it is possible to have them recognised. To check their equivalence, contact us.


All our WATA training courses are recognized by WABA and IAKA.

WABA (Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association) ensures the practice of aquatic disciplines around the world in a respectful, honest and quality framework. Originally created by Harold Dull (creator of Watsu®), it allows bridges between different disciplines (Watsu ®, Wata, Healing Dance) and takes up a register of practitioners and teachers.
IAKA (Aquatische Körperarbeit or Aquatic Bodywork): created in Europe in the same line as WABA, ensures education and training of quality practitioners.